What Will 6G Be!

6g mobile technology is upcoming name in the field of communication technologies, it is based on a set of standards which enable devices connected to the internet with broadband wireless access. Complete information about this technology has not been provided yet, but some sources think that this technology will also follow the path of previous series.

The Google hot trends has rated the term 6g as the 17th most searched word in the search engines. 6g technology refers to the sixth generation technology.6g technology is considered to be cheap and Fast Internet Technology. The Chinese Minister for Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei has announced the beginning of research into the next-generation of mobile communications networks, 6G.

6G  is considered to provide high data rates and fast Internet speed to access on air through wireless and mobile devices with data ranges up-to 11 Gbps when travelling far distances.

 There is some debate about what 6G would entail still the goal of 6g technology is considered to provide multimedia, internet connectivity, and weather information services to mobile users. Nano Antennas which will be implemented at different geographical locations like along roadsides, villages, malls, airports, hospitals to broadcast high-speed electromagnetic signals. The globe will have fly sensors with the help of 6G technology. They will provide information to their remote observer station. The point to point wireless communication networks transmit super- fast broadband signals through the air at high-speed optical fibers lines to transmit the secured information from transmitters to destinations.


  1.   Ultra fast to access Internet.
  2.   Data rates up to 10-11 Gbps.  
  3.  Home automation and other related applications.  
  4.  Smart Homes, Cities and Villages.  
  5. Used in the production of Energy from galactic world.  
  6. Space technology and Defense applications will be modified with 6G networks.
  7.  Home based ATM systems. 
  8.  Satellite to Satellite Communication for the development of mankind.  
  9.  Natural Calamities will be controlled with 6G networks. 
  10.  Sea to Space Communication

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