Why YouTube SEO is important?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Millions of users engage with YouTube daily and it is estimated that 48 hours’ worth video is being uploaded every minute. Since it is a bigger pool than everyone is aware of, the relevance of YouTube SEO is huge.

There are mainly 2 factors affecting the ranking of videos in YouTube

• Video content

• User engagement

The main difference between Search Engine and YouTube SEO is that the search engine checks if the keywords are in the content, YouTube cannot find if the keywords are inside the video. But there are other factors influence ranking and resulting index.

Video Content Factors

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Transcription
  • Channel Authority
  • Content Delivery


The Title can affect Click through Rates (CTR) and YSRP. It is necessary to have an optimized title to improve the clicks. But the title should not be relied on these, also should be relevant.


Description is the place to describe the video as whole. The part of description displays on the search results, which lure users to click on the video. Normally, description of about 300-500 words appropriate. The more informative, better chances of getting clicked.


Tags are the keywords that can direct YouTube users to your video. It is suggested to have minimum of 10 tags related to the content of the video. Hash tags are used for linking related videos if similar hash tags are used. Users can find videos easier. These are mainly used in series or marketing campaigns.


YouTube actually transcribes our video! Each word you say in a video is being transcribed by YouTube. The transcription and keywords may have a distinct relation in the ranking index. But the accuracy of YouTube transcription may not be very high. To counter this, take the extra effort to add transcription of the video word by word that will add huge improvement in the ranking.

Channel authority

Channel authority adds value to each video you post. For searching a specific channel, just add “channel” to the end of the keyword. To improve the channel authority, keep in mind to promote the channel as whole, as it has an impact on individual videos

Content delivery

Content delivery is the most important factor that may leverage sharing. Create video that is useful, informative or entertaining to the users. This will engage people to the video by viewing, liking, commenting and sharing. Eventually helps in the YSRP ranking and the success of the video.

Content length

The length of the content may influence the user to get engaged with the video. The content has to be time optimized and interesting to keep until the last second. Time management is very important as too long or too short videos without content may inversely affect the ranking.

We will discuss the User Engagement features in the upcoming blog. Keep connected with us.

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