Market Research Before Launching Mobile Application

There are bundles of things one need to focus on before app launching, the first stage is market research. Before building a solid foundation, you must identify your target customers and alter your plan accordingly. In this fierce competition prevailing industry having a well-defined niche market is necessary. 

Research if there is a need for your product in the market and aspects of your business model. The Research using SWOT analysis helps to identify the products internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.

To determine your product’s strength-

  • State your app’s ultimate goal.
  • List down its advantages or Things your application does well
  • Qualities that separate your application from competitors 

To determine the product’s weakness –

  • Figure out the things your application lacks 
  • What your competitors do better than you.
  • Understand from the user’s perspective.

To determine your product’s opportunities-

  • Find Out Competitors in your area.
  • Identify your niche market. 
  • Figure out the latest technology trends and Emerging need for your application

To determine your product’s threats 

  • Figure out the Change in public behavioral pattern and your  product’s evolution
  • Marketing and App Store Optimization (ASO) aspects
  • Security software running on a mobile device.
  • Here are a few things we should focus on before app launching:

Defining your niche market 

  • Check with your current customers and determine who bring in the most business.
  • Lookup on your competitors and understand their customer base . Upon researching select a niche market that they failed to notice.
  • Analyse your product and list its features. Once you have all the features or benefits listed, make a list of users who have a need that your benefit fulfills.
  • Check with the following Demographic factors to determine who are most likely to buy it – Gender, Age, Education level, Income level, Occupation, Location
  • Consider psycho graphics factors ,ie : Attitudes, Personality, Lifestyles, Interests/hobbies, Behavior
  • Evaluate whether the selected niche market fit with your criteria


After doing all these data diggings, you have to implement the research data to get the result.That is, breaking down the target audience into groups will help to focus on a niche audience individually. Segment marketing helps the marketer to connect to each type of customers in the best possible way.

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition starts with a plan to identify the quality of potential customers. Social media platforms are most used for customer acquisition campaigns.

According to Forrester Research to App Store Optimization includes identifying the right category for your app, as 63% of downloads come from general browsing in the App Store.

Customer acquisition requires forethought and strategies. Taking the right approach for market research will give a secure hold to your app.


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