The battle between ASO and SEO

SEO have made havoc in the marketing industry by driving traffic, and influencing audience, for the past decade.  With the flood of mobile applications for every business, ASO has its impact on the industry.

Mobile Apps penetration in global market has led to the revolution of marketing strategies.Similar to Search Engine Optimisation; App Store Optimisation has become inevitability in the verticals of Mobile Applications.

The idea is to lure potential customers and drive traffic to the preferred destination.The strategies implemented for product and services may be different. The goal of SEO may vary, but that of ASO would most probably app dowloads.but it may have other intentions such as:

  • Increased brand exposure.
  • Positive app reviews and ratings.
  • Audience engagement.
  • Additional marketing channel diversification.


SEARCH is the magic word in both SEO and ASO. It is the user search keyword that leads to quality results. Objective of both SEO and ASO is to optimise the Application / website at the best possible way to be displayed in the front running results.Queries by users generate organic traffic, which is the most valuable asset in optimisation.  For App Store Opmisation, Keyword research has to be done as in SEO. Some common tactics can be applied to both Optimisation techniques.

SEO Tactics that can be applied to ASO

  • App name, title, and URL optimization.
  • Keyword research for ASO.
  • App rating and reviews generation and handling.
  • Deep linking within a mobile app.
  • Indexation of Apps in Google SERPS (search engine results pages).
  • Click through rate (CTR) optimization.


Even though ASO and SEO are kindred, there are subtle variations between them. The domain of SEO is search engine and App stores are, in effect, a closed site search engine. Search keyword of SEO may be seeking informations or queries. Whereas in ASO, mostly users search by brand name or categories.
SEO generates different types of results according to the search query. ASO more specifically generates apps with most relatability.

ASO generally rely on,

  • Easy content (app content) discovery
  • Indexation
  • App ranking algorithms tied to:
    • Perceived app quality
    • Freshness
    • Brand scale
    • User value signals (e.g., reviews, ratings, engagement)

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