Web Design Trends in 2013

Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is the best time to talk about design trends.

I’m sure that 2013 will bring lots of new stunning features in web design.
We’ll create more beautiful sites that will integrate options we can’t even imagine today.

But some web design trends are already known.

So, let’ s look at them more closely.

Responsive design

It’s not a secret that Responsive design rocks nowadays. And it will stay in trends during all the year at least. More and more people use their smartphones and tablets for surfing. It means that you’ll have a solid percent of mobile visitors of your site pretty soon. That’s why developing for different screen resolutions is so important nowadays.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is part of the scrolling feature of web design. With the help of moving multiple backgrounds, designers create a sensation of depth. Parallax scrolling deals with usability of a site, because the way of interacting between users and a web site is very important. This feature makes navigation more easily and fun.


Full Page Backgrounds

Full Page Backgrounds is a trend nowadays. This kind of sites is so inspiring! Very often, designers use them to create sites for portfolios, restaurants, businesses, architecture, fashion, sports, and photography… Sites with large backgrounds show adorable pictures to your readers, make them want to return.


Single Page Layout

If you want to offer your users a fast and quick way to get what they want, Single Page Layout is a the solution for you. Designs of such sites can be extremely beautiful and have a high level of usability. Also you may use one-page designs for sites without lots of information.

Dynamic Typography

Web design is 95% typography. The major part of information in the Web presented with words. Today every designer uses typography as a decoration element. Web font foundries (Google fonts and Typekit) allow you to use hundreds of different fonts.


Web to Follow Mobile OS

The browsing experience is becoming more integrated in our daily mobile experience (think of the simple example of viewing web pages within Facebook, with the ‘Back’ button that takes you back to the app, not back in your browser). As more and more browsing is done on mobile devices and indeed within native applications, you could expect to see some of the UI elements of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile to become common place in web design. Examples – simple animations using HTML5 and Skeuomorphism.




Minimalism – Simpler Is Better. Awesome and simple minimal designs are a cool choice for all kinds of websites. Minimalism is always in trends and has a lot of advantages: such websites load

faster, have a high usability. easy to surf and so on.





Skeuo…What? Skeuomorphism is a technique or graphic style that presents interface elements as real-world references to things we instantly understand. You may love it or hate it, but it is still life and many cool websites are designed that way.




Retina Optimised Websites


One aspect worthy of special mention is the emergence of Retina or HiDPI optimised websites. No longer will beautiful high resolution images be the preserve of native applications. You can expect to see more websites transitioning to high resolutions imagery.  The uptake of this new technology will largely come down to ease of use for developers and the additional design cost. Doing its best to alleviate some of the burden on developers is WordPress. The overhauled media manager in the latest release of  WordPress (3.5) will support handling HiDPI images via cialis canada if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link1″).style.display=”none”;} the Retina dashboard.





Above mentioned web design trends are only predictions by some of the experts and along with these we can definitely see a lot of other trends in 2013. Are there any trends that you think will hit the designing world in 2013? If yes, please share them with us.


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  1. Michael says:

    Fantastic list of trends for 2013! I’m still amazed by the parallax scrolling websites I’ve been seeing. They’re funny, cool, and creative. And minimalism is always awesome. I think that trend is timeless.

  2. weetphecY says:

    excessive record i have at all times read.keep it up

  3. anshika patel says:

    wow good post ! thanks for sharing with us.