Why Food Ordering Application is Crucial

Complete Food Menu And Photo Gallery

The application provides complete list of items with categorization and appropriate description gives a better understanding of the menu, rather than verbal presentation of the waiter. The picture gallery influences the order rate enormously, since food photography has brought the visual presentation to another dimension.

This also enables the customer with Easy Search Provision. Preferences can also be given so that the customer gets dishes cooked exclusively to their taste.

Live Tracking

It’s boring to wait infinitely without having a guess of when your hunger is satisfied. Live tracking gives a better understanding of the status of the order and estimated time of delivery. It’s better to know the scheduled delivery time instead of vague waiting.

Payment Options

The diversity in payment options other than liquid cash has enormously affected the global economy. Online Delivery system provides various relevant payment methods integrated to accommodate the interest of customers.


The online delivery system provides provision to serve the customers who could not be physically arriving at the restaurant. More the customer is served, more they become loyal.


What more promotion than delivery boys with boxes riding all over the street! Online ordering expands the customer pool to vast area instead of tied up into a specific radius around the restaurant.

Home Delivery

The Online delivery dispenses customers, the comfort of favorite food delivered to home. Restaurants take this as an opportunity to enhance the business to next level. Almost all premium restaurants have moved to online delivery system. What are you waiting for? Reach out to Explore IT Solutions for the best solution, now.


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