Best methods to improve your business during this pandemic COVID 19 hit !

Thinking about the loss of business during the pandemic hit and worried about the uncertain future? Well, you probably should be. Can’t blame you.

We can all agree, that the spread of Covid 19 has caused the most unexpected global collapse in every sector of humanity. Thousands of lives were lost and millions have been affected. The World Bank has commented the Covid outbreak as the cause of ‘Greatest Economic crisis’ in the history of the planet. Thankfully, things are getting back to normal- at least in this part of the world. And hopefully, the crisis ends soon and with limited casualty.

But what’s next, once this pandemic is swept off? It’s the big question.

We all know, Business has always had its ups and downs. Managing the fluctuations of business is the trickiest and inevitable skillset required to run a business. Business that survives the greatest of tides are admired and listed on top of the success stories.
This is one of the rare situation where every industrialist, restaurateur, businessman, or a potential startup is at home, thinking about implying better and creative ideas and campaign to outsmart their competitor. We might probably see more fierce competition than ever. But this time, it would be the competition for survival.  So, we can’t let ourselves down and get lost in the mob run.

Speaking about outsmarting competitors, updating ourselves is a kind of shrugging of the dust. We’re aware of- how the world is going to be observed from a different angle. And the possibility of our competitors getting prepared. So, is there something that we can do now? And utilize the quarantine hours to make a move in the right direction? Yes, definitely there is.

The Lockdown has become a blessing in disguise for the digital media. People has been stuck at home and tend to spend more time on internet rather than anything else. Covid 19 has definitely paved way for a partial digital revolution in this way. Sure, there has a digital trending wave prior to the covid outbreak. But, even with the huge adverse impact- only the business that had online existence became visible for the public. There by emphasizing the importance of online presence of every ambitious business entity. 

On the note of online existence, Websites are the face of business-they say. True. Websites surely has a massive influence in defining the credibility and standard of a business. A passing visitor may judge the efficiency and productivity of a business on the basis of their website experience. Mostly, the potential customer is landed on the website and it’s the website sells the product/ service. That’s how vital the outlook and maintenance of the website is. Identifying the right developing team for structuring your ‘face’ is also a crucial decision. Choose Responsive and innovative websites for an ensured output. 
Giving just a ‘face’ might not be enough, unless someone sees the face. Search engine optimization or Search engine marketing is the one step everyone misses, that makes the previous efforts in vain. The website, product and services you provide is worth only if people find- that you do. It also influence the brand visibility and domain authority. Click here for more on- why SEO is inevitable

Digital Marketing has already been a battlefield for business for some years now. Digital platform is one of the easiest and effective way to engage potential customers and bring them to the business loop. In a more socially sound generation, social media promotions creates more leads than one would expect. The emergence of multinational and high end PR companies shows the huge potential and inevitability of Digital marketing. Possibly, a well-planned and executed digital marketing campaign can bring the bulk of audience with a swish. Is online marketing just about posting ads in facebook or Instagram? Surely not. Digital marketing is a multi-level complex process of finding the right audience and sell to them. Contact Digital marketing expert for the best strategic plan and pricing for your business.

The lock down also revealed the highlights of online food ordering and delivery applications. When the transportation were banned and people were not allowed to travel, only the hotels and restaurants with online delivery were allowed to open. People were surely in need of food, as it is one industry that always has a general demand. The online food delivery application was a boon- not only the customers, but also the restaurants which had delivery options. With a strong expertise and experience in restaurant industry, Explore IT Solutions has received enquiries regarding the development online food delivery applications like swiggy, uber eats, zomato, potafo etc. This directs to a potential startup pool for many entrepreneurs.

Looking back to the past few days- in all these chaos, the winner has to be the ‘Zoom cloud meeting’ conference app. There’s no bigger example to emphasize the acceptability of a mobile application among people. Sometimes, the situation and requirement creates the market for a product itself. We all might have had many sparks of idea. Should we take our business into people’s hand? Or is this idea gonna work? We might have had our doubts. Have we ever thought a mobile application could make a difference? But the truth is- the story of most mobile application is the same. Let’s look at how a simple billing mobile application- UGOPOS that has created a buzz in the retail and small café business. The payments and store management has made easier than ever.
The difference between winners and losers is that the winners try and become successful.

As we touch down the various pools in which we can make an improvement during this lockdown, e-commerce platform is one of the biggest beast. As general stores and shops had difficulties in accommodating people, online stores and e commerce portal utilized this situation with its merits. For instance, – an e commerce startup in UAE has made its first step into the field by providing masks and sanitizers in the hour of necessity. With a safe and secured delivery policy, e commerce platform could jump the hurdles of most practical situations with ease, we believe.

These are some of the long list to try and make a move during this pandemic to rejuvenate our businesses. As we all believe in Going concern concept, its time to pick up and get back to the race. Creating or finding a favorable condition in the most difficult of times, is the knack of an opportunist.

Note: Fitting financial accounts during the pandemic must be difficult. Updating and leaning a step above that might even sound like a gamble. Associating with a supportive and experienced team can share your burden in many ways such as partial and easy payment schemes. We would be more than happy to listen and work with your plans.


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