Covid 19 (Corona) Virus and its impact in IT Sector

Last week saw the outbreak of Covid 19 (Corona) virus and its impact around the globe. The radius of the virus dissipation was greater and has had its influence on Global economy. IT sector has also been bit by the situation, as every other ground. The Govt. has advised to reduce public interaction in order to stabilize the spreading.
Sure, this would create a fuss among the employees in every sector to indulge in work that would require public interaction.

The Techno Parks and Info parks have attend to the issue by initiating possible solutions. The Karnataka health minister has asked technology companies to stop sending employees on overseas assignments, until and unless there is an emergency. This would result a disruption in the business operations and would have impact on various other areas too. As Bengaluru compromise with one third of India’s software exports which values around 150 billion dollars.
The Govt. has advised earlier and now insisted not to send employees abroad, unless it is an emergency.

A technology Consultant, Mr.Siddharth pai has commented “Not travelling makes sense now. It’s better to be Safe. As companies like Silicon Valley are asking their staff to work from home.”
It is clear that the emphasis has been given to containing the virus and try to ensure safety. But, halting business operations may bring the world to a reset. The digital outreach can help to avoid personal contact-yet effectively contribute to the service sector. This can lead path to the adoption of “work from home” model in numbers. Even this seems revolutionary in theory, there may have practical difficulties in synchronization.

The HR officers have pointed out that the employees may not have the attention or dedication while being at home. Time bound tasks may not be completed at specified time. But, the situation demands more of ‘social responsibility’.
There is also the flipside, where the company doesn’t risk its workforce to health hazards. But in case of manufacturing, it may not be possible and it would turn out to be unfair to one sector of the employees.
Several companies have taken precautions to protect employees from the virus outbreak. If a company can encourage employees to work from home, would save administrative costs as well as easing pressure of the employees. Ensuring that the company care about employee would help in employee retention in the long run. The flexible working policy would propagate a positive impression on the firm from an employee’s perspective.


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