How AI is Influencing Smart Phone Industry

AI has been hitting the ground running, since its introduction to the scene. It has influenced every vertical of technology with the adaptability. From  robotics, premium cars and high end machineries even to tooth brush and dining tables, AI has its footprint. Artificial Intelligence is the term used to define a machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence. Technology has stretched its limit to the extremes that considered to be unique to humans only. This has cultivated a different culture by which humans interact with machines and technical devices.

Mobile app technology has been closely chained with AI for some time now. The evolution of AI over generations of smart phones is mind blowing. There has been a fierce competition between the big players, to develop and to provide the most improvised service.

Chat bots

Chat bots provide personalized assistance to the customers 24 x7. This has greatly improved customer satisfaction and thereby led to more sales. Chat bots make use of the Machine learning stream to enhance the ability to respond with each conversation.

Advanced search mechanism

With the introduction of voice and image search, the complexity of searching has been simplified. This has pushed the developers to improve voice recognition and image recognition system. Instead of inaccurate long tail text queries, the latest optimized hands free searches are popularizing. Of course, there is room for improvement. The popularity of ‘Google Lens’ indicates how the users have embraced image searching.

Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, Apple’s ‘Siri’, Google’s ‘Google Assistant’, Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’ are competing each other for the upper hand in the industry.

Real time Translations

In the premature stage of AI, it was completely internet oriented, even with cloud computing. The ground has changed now; mobile phone comes with in build AI that reduces the time delay and lag between process. AI could enable your smartphone to translate different languages in real-time without the need for an internet connection.


The days of traditional wall marketing are long gone. Instead of one ad for all, it’s about pin point targeting. Acquiring digital data about users and their behavior has become an important asset. AI is making drastic changes by collecting the real-time data and processing that data, so that devices learn on their own. Thus, AI is helping mobile apps to learn and improvise with every information that is exchanged among the devices and then take necessary action.

In a completely technology driven generation, the possibilities and future enhancement of AI is immense. With smart phones providing almost the absolute access, the cohesion between AI and smart phones is very promising. Who knows in near future; smart phones would be a virtual device, and AI would be in the ‘very air’.


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