Optimise your site with BERT: Let the conversion happen

Google’s search ranking algorithm has undergone many changes since it launched. Nobody could predict all the possible methods to push low-quality sites to the top of search results, but Google dealt with them with the help of algorithm updates.

If you detect a sudden decline in Traffic and rankings of your site statistics, you might’ve been affected by Google’s search ranking algorithm. 

The BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is the new Google algorithm update. It is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing which helps a machine to understand words in a sentence mean with all subtle differences in the text.

The announcement about the BERT update was made through the official Twitter handle of the Google Search Liaison. The tweet read, “Meet BERT, a new way for Google Search to better understand language and improve our search results. It’s now being used in the US in English, helping with one out of every ten searches. It will come to more countries and languages in the future.”

Google’s BERT Update improves how Google understands search queries. According to the official announcement of Google, the new BERT update will impact 10% of overall search results, across all languages. The statement says that BERT is the most significant leap forward in the past five years, and one of the most significant leaps ahead in the history of search. The update will affect 1 out of 10 organic search results on Google search, with a substantial impact on Search Snippets, also known as Featured Snippets.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers codenamed BERT, is a machine learning advancement made by Google involving it’s Artificial Intelligence innovation efforts. BERT model deals with words in relation to all the other words in a sentence, rather than one-by-one in order. This become more impulsive to the purpose of the search query and bring results that the user seeks.

As Google gets better at understanding natural language and brings out the actual meaning behind its many search queries, it will also get better at finding and ranking the pages that most fitting those queries. That means that poorly-worded content won’t seem to serve the purpose.

BERT is a massive buzz in the whole SEO industry since google made it as the most significant update in five years.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making sites better for search engines. Hence, any google algorithm update will influence the seo process.

People who are running a business or seo team should try to improve search engine optimisation by paying attention to these types of artificial intelligence machine learning updates is essential.

What any seo have to do is, focus and create content towards the actual questions the google is asking i.e., write for users instead of search engines. If you continue to focus on key density, keyword prominence, etc. for your content and in the time not giving importance quality and natural language your content will opt as poorly written will lose Traffic and ranking on Google’s recent algorithm updates.

You have to examine your rankings for the next few weeks carefully. If you notice any falls, make sure to evaluate the content on-page and make sure it closely matches searcher intent. 

As far as featured snippets, marking up pages with FAQ, and Q&A schema is recommended for increasing your page’s likelihood of being picked up by BERT. Also, consider that featured snippets are picked up often in voice search results; thus, the BERT introduction will likely have a big effect on voice search likewise.


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