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Restaurants have experienced great success with the restaurant ordering system, online food ordering and delivery management platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing clients to order from a wide array of restaurants through their mobile phone. Online food-delivery platforms support restaurants to maximize profits, lower costs, and provide a remarkable customer experience.

Online ordering system is designed with features to help restaurateurs supervise and promote different aspects of their business more efficiently, An excellent Restaurant delivery service enables the restaurant management team to automate and optimize their supply chain thus boost sales, cut down the time spent and prevent losses.

Features of online food ordering and delivery management system to improve your restaurant efficiency:

Mode Of Transactions

UPI Integration : UPI is the latest online transfer method that enables secure payments from customer’s bank account in real-time.

Card Payment : Secure, faster, easier credit and debit cards payment is available.

Cash On Delivery : Cash on Delivery facility is available in which the recipient makes payment for a food at the time of delivery.

Feedback and Review Management

Feedback management enables companies to capture customer feedback across all channels, understand it in real-time.

Notification Service / Real-time Order tracking

Notified immediately, order will be displayed to the customer through messages, and get notified about order processing and food delivery.

Re – Ordering Facility

Re- order facility is available for the customer, it allow customers to make a frequent ordering.

Efficient Management

Effective restaurant management is balancing many functions.   It includes Food order, delivery, cash flow management, orders tracking and customer service.

Quality Service

Ensure quick and efficient delivery. Provide high-end training to delivery personnel and hence maintain the quality of service.

Online Food order and delivery system /technology has not only helped the restaurant owners also improves the quality of customer services, Benefits to merchants are,

One time transactions

Safe & Secure Transactions

Low Cost Payments

24*7 Seamless Transactions


Instant authentication & verification

Improved customer experience


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