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Expodine - Restaurant Management System

A state of art digital mechanism for food ordering in restaurant, via android Tablet.This Fully functional tablets based Pos software is easy to handle menu ordering and price management. Two way interfaces for easy viewing and handling of orders in restaurant.

Best suited for - Restaurants, Cafe's, Bar's etc.

Highlights of Product

  • Real time update across all tablets/System of all changes including price,Images.
  • Single server sharing mechanism helps in less maintenance.
  • Customers can use this application without any help from others.
  • Flexible/Muti purpose Product in case of usability of tablet.
  • Food item description with picture
  • Easy one click bill generation/Print if wifi print or service is enabled.
  • Order by order tracking system.
  • KOT Screen will show the order details directly
  • Login by scanning ID cards for easy quick logins.
  • Customer can alert staff with a single click if required.
  • Provision to write review, suggestion, complaints for Customer is kept, if required
  • Food Costing-Estimate of making cost of each dish.

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This application aiming at managing the Hotel Management easy and user friendly. Making the use of latest technology to build an application in for desktop use as well as the android smart phone or tablet application keeping all the international standards in mind.

Highlights of product

  • Front Office Management
  • Room Service
  • House Keeping Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintainace & Services
  • H.R. Management
  • Room Management
  • Party Hall Management
  • Reportsso

Expocat - Industrial catering management software

Catering Management Software is not new in the present scenario, but with the technological advancement in all areas is pushing further to all new heights of exploring new ideas to make further easy, reliable and fast processing of works. This software application will make use of all new available technological aspects to produce the best automated facility to speed the mess, kitchen and all other processes of low, middle and high level catering and canteen management companies. Highlights of the product are

Counter Management

  • Blocking system – No more Issuing of same course for single person more than once.
  • Food Quantity estimate- With the pre defined algorithm, Software can give you a number of expected customers .(Provided the system should be fed with customer base list)
  • Special Group Counter for easy group management
  • Barcode swiping entry- In counter, customer can swipe their card and automatically their pre defined food items will be visible in food supply counter.

Customer Management

  • Easy Blocking/Unblocking of customers if needed.
  • Complete tracking of customer in single screen.
  • Unique barcode id embedded card/slip can be printed ,keeping provision to print the same ID as and when required.
  • Categorizing the customer regarding to payment methods Invoice Management

Invoice Management

  • Single Screen control over all invoice related things.
  • One click easy invoice generation on individual/group/company basis.
  • Automatic calculation of Rates/person according to courses defined for them.
  • Strict control over payment returns.
  • Automatic limiting of Non invoiced customers at counter.


(Different types of reports, like)

  • Food Estimator
  • List of Customers yet to come/Missed for a course of meal.
  • Pending invoice generation
  • Individual Pending of customer with payment due date
  • Account Details
  • Counter details Course vise
  • Many other reports which according to your needs will be made.

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