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it's search Analysis,
not just search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing are new technologies emerged with Web 2.0 generation that has had to evolve to keep pace with the changing online market scene. Both are near-essential techniques for driving traffic to a website and for showing the world your products and services. As an offshoot of this SEO solutions suppliers are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the globe, without knowing much about search engines and spiders.

Organic search engine optimization strategies clubbed with intelligent internet marketing techniques - improves visibility, generates sales, and rewards ROI. Search engine optimization in tune with bots of search engines drive constant sales lead to your website.

Online Conversion

So you have a very good website, somehow, not good sales or returns. Why? You would want the internet marketing solution which gives you plenty of exposure or visibility and help you achieve more leads. With our online conversion services we make sure that the prospects who visit your website take the next step. What is that? Not the same for all. Maybe it was something they want to buy or subscribe to your newsletter which has been a horde of information for them. Or perhaps read your latest press release, download a white paper or just ask for something more! We can assist you in whatever you want. Our online conversion program makes your website user-friendly and its easy to use. We identify how your prospects make a purchase. You can find answers as to why your website was not conversion friendly and how can you resolve it now.

Beyond Search Engine Optimisation

A company can develop a presence on the Internet in at least seven ways. The company can use the Internet to do research, provide information, run discussion forums, provide training, carry on on-line buying and selling (i.e., e-commerce), provide on-line auctioning or exchanging, and even deliver "bits" to customers.

The company's web page must be appealing, relevant, and current if it is to attract repeat visits. Companies should consider using the state-of-the-art graphics, sound and video.

The company must view its web page critically and ask a number of questions.

  • Why would someone want to surf to our site?
  • If I view the site using the equipment my customers use,
  • Does the site load quickly? Or
  • Is a customer likely to leave while they are waiting for graphics to load?
  • What is interesting about our page?
  • Why would someone want to return to our page?
  • Why would someone want to advertise on our page?

Good Usability

  • Allow users to control their experience.
  • Do not place excessive text inside images.
  • Keep a consistent site design.
  • Have clear navigation.
  • Use alternative text tags with images.
  • Use standards where applicable.
  • Keep file sizes small.
  • Have search or a link to site level search on every page. On smaller sites a link to a sitemap will work better than site level search.

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