Online Ordering and Delivery Management System

The revolution in F&B industry is really amazing and the experience of delivery apps is heading day by day. The network between the hunger end customers and shops has been utilized and managed very well with the development of applications and automated systems from ordering till delivery. The relationship between the customers and shops is maintained very well with their respective Items and feedbacks within the limited channel. The delivering applications took advantages for many problems that restaurateurs face such as implementing home delivery and native ordering website solutions. The shop delivery service with the same solutions made very effective in their sales and made them quite happy with these services.

Online Ordering delivery management system brings many benefits to shops.

online delivery system
  • Expand Market Reach
  • Lower the time spent
  • Increase in Sales
  • Maximize Profits
  • Safe & Secure Transaction
  • Enhanced Efficiency

Explore find amazing solutions in the same industry and started solutions for online ordering apps for end customers, Order management for shops, Driver apps or delivery application for delivery boys, Admin panel and management system for online ordering business teams. shop management software / shop online ordering system is designed with features to help restaurateurs supervise and promote different aspects of their shops more efficiently, Suitable ordering and delivery system of EXPLORE IT’s enables the shop management team to automate and optimize their supply chain thus boost sales and prevent losses.

Why online
ordering system

icon-easy to uses and implement
Easy To
Use and implement
icon-gps system for order tracking
GPS System
for order tracking
icon-eazy memu updation for shops
Easy Item
Updations for shops
icon-secure online payment system
Secured Payments with
online payment system
icon-online report sales analysis for shops
Online reports for sales analysis for business teams and shops
icon-push up notification for order status
Push up notifications
for order status

Key Features

Features of Online ordering and delivery system

icons-dashboard delivery application
icons- near by reataurant in  order and delivery
Nearby Shops
icon-shop Item in online ordering system
Shops Item
icon-rating and review online ordering and delivery management system calicut
Rating & review
icon-push notification shop online ordering system
Push notifications
icon-order tracking shop delivery service kozhikode
Order tracking
icons-favourite orders in shop online ordering system
Favorite orders
icons-online payment in delivery application
Payment gateway
icons-coupons management shop online ordering system
Coupon management
icon-manage orders delivery application
Manage Orders
icon-app notification delivery apps
In App Notifications
icon- availability settings order and delivery system
Availability Settings
icon-order history ordering apps Kozhikode
Order History
icon-payment history online ordering system
Payment History
icon-profile shop delivery service Calicut Kerala India
icon-delivery information shop online ordering system
Delivery Information
icon-help and support shop ordering system India
Help & Support
icon-backup and restore delivery application
Backup & Restore Database
icon- manage customers shop ordering system
Message Customers / Shops
icon-advertising management delivery apps India
Advertising / Banner management
icon-Item management  order and delivery kozhikode
Item Management
icon-change password in  ordering apps india
Change Password
icon-otp alert to registered users online ordering system
OTP alerts to registered users
icon-manage shop Item delivery application calicut
Manage shop item
icon-manage delivery area shop delivery service Kozhikode Kerala India
Manage delivery area
icon-manage special offers shop online ordering system
Manage special offers
icon-customers promotion shop ordering system
Message customers ( Promotions)
icon-customer order status ordering apps
Customer order status
icon-coupon code generation online ordering system Kozhikode
Coupon code generation
icon-manage shop item ordering apps
Manage shop item
(Shop can only manage the off/ on Item of delivery, indicating whether is available or not and the online item available time of the shop )

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